Has anyone converted S+ from DBV to WBA (Moved to IGT from general reel stuff)

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Reply #10 on: February 25, 2006, 06:22:44 PM

Quote from: idesign on February 25, 2006, 06:12:20 PM

Slot Monster, what WBA do you have?  Mine are all WBA-11's and all of them hold onto the last 1/4" of the bill.....even old crumpled bills. I just tried it by inserting a bill in backwards knowing it will reject it.

I changed my DBV-200 out to WBA-11 in my S+ because I found that the DBV-200 jammed more with old crumpled bills and it's a real pain in the butt removing them from a DBV-200, especially when it jams between the head and the transport.  The WBA is a snap since the transport has a door on top of it.

It's a WBA-13-SS

Jeff, I agree 100% with your removing jams is a snap statement. Even the wife is confident enough to lift the WBA lid and remove the jam-up . . . . . . . . . . . and she 'sports' a $100 nail job!!! :89- :89- :89-

I was just wondering (other than benefitting our Canadian friends), why go thru all the work to change over.

'da Monster

P.S. The wife will only allow 'pretty' bills in our machines.

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I've never had a bill jam in my WBA's (11 and 13).  I only use crisp new bills though.  Not crisp, not good enough for the "piggy bank"

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WBA power supply is silver color, DBV200 is black.  IDO024 is for a Game King, Vison and I-Game machines.  You need IDO22/23 like Rick said.

If you don't have the custom harness it won't work.

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To add to idesign's notes.  If your WBA came with the harness and it has an ido 024 prom in it, you will most likely need the harness.  If the WBA came with the power supply already, then it will most likely work.  Can you post a picture of the sticker on the power supply?

Reply #19 on: February 27, 2006, 09:33:16 PM

Hi Again to all,

I finally got a couple of pictures of the wires to show everyone. The pictures of the label on the power supply did not come out well, but it is labelled as follows: power supply (labelled IGT p/n: 40810890, APS model # LP30-1131). Details on the wire colors are earlier in the thread of this post. It is a silver unit, and not a black unit like my DBV-200. Am I safe to assume that they use the same WBA PS for S+ as well as Game King, S-2000 and Vision, etc.?? My WBA-13-SS definately is labelled as IDO-024, but luckily I searched all of my stuff and found one WBA-13-SS Eprom with IDO23!!! I assume that I can just change the Eprom to fix that issue, so all that is open is if the wiring is correct on my unit and power supply, and more importantly what do I hook up where? Thanks in advance to all.


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