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Just for interest sake, receivedc this reply to my WMS ram clear question for Blubird using flash card.........

A RAM Clear is performed before installing game and OS software. Complete the
following steps to clear the RAM:
CAUTION: This procedure erases stored information. Do not clear the RAM and
install software unless Casino management has authorized the process.
1 Verify the RAM Clear version is 1203 or later before proceeding. This version
includes significant performance improvements, and WMS highly recommends
using this RAM Clear version. To order the 1203 RAM Clear, contact your regional
WMS office.
2 Open the CPU enclosure door to access the CompactFlash® drive.
CAUTION: The game MUST be powered Off before inserting or removing
CompactFlash cards. Inserting or removing a card with the power On may cause
permanent damage and data corruption.
3 Install the RAM Clear CompactFlash® card into the OS CompactFlash® slot (back
side of board), Use the direction indicator on the CompactFlash® card
to ensure proper insertion.
4 Close and lock the CPU enclosure door.
5 If the CPU enclosure is not seated in the game, replace the CPU enclosure by
seating the back of the enclosure onto the four tabs,
6 Ensure the CPU enclosure lever is in the up position, and firmly push the
enclosure down to fully seat it. The CPU enclosure is fully seated when no gap is
visible between the bottom of the enclosure and the CPU enclosure housing,
7 Connect the VGA cable to the primary video port on the CPU (right on BBU, top on
8 Turn the game power to On. This boots the machine. A progress indicator with the
WMS Gaming logo displays while the RAM Clear process initializes, 9 Once the game is booted, the RAM Clear options are presented,
10 Select Clear NVRAM and EEPROM.
11 Select Perform Selected Action to begin the RAM Clear.
12 The following status messages display while the RAM Clear (Clear NVRAM and
EEPROM option) progresses:
a Clearing NVRAM
b NVRAM Cleared
c Clearing EEPROM
d EEPROM Cleared
e Verifying EEPROM
f EEPROM Cleared
13 The RAM Clear is complete when the final “EEPROM Cleared” message,
14 For RAM Clear 1203, the Monitor Config screen displays, Figure 3-12. For later
RAM Clear versions, the Monitor Config step is completed automatically, without
a selection required.
15 Leave the DEFAULT option selected (indicated by the green arrow), and turn the Attendant key, clockwise.
16 Power the game Off.
17 Disconnect the VGA cable from the CPU board.
18 Turn the CPU enclosure lock to the left and open the enclosure door to access the
CompactFlash drives.
19 Remove the RAM Clear CompactFlash® card.
End of Procedure
Installing Game and OS Software
Once the RAM is cleared, the game and OS software are installed, and the game
is configured. Complete the following steps to install the software:
1 Install the operating system (OS) CompactFlash® card in the OS flash drive
2 Install the game CompactFlash® card in the game flash drive (front),
3 Close and lock the Card Cage door.
4 Power the game On at the Power switch.
End of Procedure



I just want to note that this procedure is different with the newer clear versions.

You no longer select which option for preform (it's automatic)  after you clear you will get asked which type of monitor you have.   99% are default (just turn the jackpot reset key to move on)

hello averyboy !!!

I recently had an error on a WMS BB when changing SW CF first I let you guys know that this machine had no NVRAM batteries,  I putted in two new ones, right after that I inserted My CF clear and  when booting I get the error CANNOT LOCATE  RSDP MODULE, can any one telle why is this happening.??

thanks in advance!!!!


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